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January-February 2020

Table of Contents

1,000 Girls Strong

A young lady wants to make a difference in eternity, to be used by God, to make an impact. Buuuuuuut, her mom (...)

How to Make Love Potions

Love is neurological—it happens in the brain, not the heart!

Publishing to All Nations

For the first time in human history, through the avenue of social media and cell phones, we have the ability to (...)

Weird Traditions

If a single girl leaves her parents home before she is married, does she lose her father's "covering?"

What Happens to Children When the Rapture...

What happens to children when the rapture takes place?

What Should a Single Girl Do With Her...

What should a single girl do with her money when she is married? Does she give her new husband her hard-earned (...)

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3 comments on “January-February 2020”

  1. Hello ; My name is Jonathan James ; I live in Europe ( Belgium) and I'm chirstian Orthodox , since some weeks I start watching Michael bible study on you tube I enjoy it . Thank you

  2. Mr Pearl,
    I just watched your You Tube video, " Were Angels Here Before Us? " You mention the destruction of the earth before God created man. Do you have a video that explains this in better detail ? Reason I ask is I have heard something like this before from Pastor Arnold Murray. I know this happened but you don't hear any Pastors talk about it this day and time it seems. I would love to learn more on this subject.

    Greg West

    1. Hello Greg,
      Thank you for your question! Mike has produced several videos and also an extensive book on the study of this subject! Here are links to these resources to launch your study...

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