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July-August 2003

Table of Contents

Arranged Marriage

Dear Mike and Deb, My sister went through the courtship thing and married in complete harmony with Dad and Mom (...)

Beginning With Words

For weeks now, my two-year-old has had the obnoxious habit of repeating himself over and over. At first I (...)

Church Youth Group

Dear Pearls, We homeschool our three children. Now that the oldest one has turned 13, we feel under some pressure (...)

Different Techniques to Control Parents

...Children (as well as adults) throw fits as a means of controlling the actions of others. Your daughter screams (...)

Homeschooling as a Way of Life

For many, "school" is the main focus in "homeschooling." As for me "home" is most important.

Learning Our Place as Wives

How can a wife “encourage” her husband to participate with family/children without being a nag? Things like having (...)

Low Self-Esteem

My 9-year-old son has low self-esteem. He expects too much of himself. He feels rejected. We have never talked (...)

Other Children Changing Your Child’s...

...Did you ever experience this as you raised your children around other families? I feel sort of hopeless, that I (...)

Spanking a 7-Month-Old?

...Is it right to spank a 7-month-old for crying when put down for bed? I grew up with just ignoring the child (...)

To Teach or Not to Teach?

Dear Debi, We have read your thoughts on the woman never being the spiritual leader in her home (not leading the (...)

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