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July-August 2011

Table of Contents


Our interactions with children have a great impact upon their development. Time invested in them today will pay (...)

Functioning Community

Parents need help effectively raising children who can swim against the tide in this current society. A community (...)

Go Love Yourself?

Mike and Debi offer advice to a husband planning to walk away from a miserable marriage lacking trust and (...)

Good and Evil Episode One Complete!

The first chapter of a film designed to help teach the Bible story chronologically is complete. Watch the first (...)

Old Tom

Tom Slayman has spent a lifetime pursuing his passions. Even before he was a believer, he was a devoted father to (...)

The Power of a Story

Shalom Brand uses a story from her own childhood to help reinforce a lesson about deception for her daughter. See (...)

Throwing Anger in the Garbage

For little Laila, whining and crying was becoming a habit. Her mama, Shalom Brand, enlisted the help of big sister (...)

We Say Good Morning

How do YOU greet each new day? Does the dawn find you pressed to meet deadlines, tackle chores and get everyone (...)

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