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July-August 2012

Table of Contents

Blessing of the Lord

My dad saw himself getting busier and busier, and he wanted more for his family, and “more” wasn’t material thing (...)

Grand Grandparents

Grandparents can be a great blessing or a curse to their grandchildren.

Greater Expectations

Knowledge—real, firsthand knowledge that says “I know because I experienced that” —imparts power and confidence and (...)

How a Missionary Was Made

God used a worn-out book we found in a laundromat to plow the ground, and then he used a small, dirty tract to (...)

Passing the Torch

We asked our kids to list a few things we had taught them that they knew they wanted to pass on to their children (...)

Preparing Kids to Soar

Like the little bird, they must be personally involved in the living of life.

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