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July-August 2013

Table of Contents

A Wise Woman Proverbs

A wise woman is always the lady, gracious, generous, full of gratitude and good works. Let me always be a “4-G” lad (...)

Created for Him?

God called the woman a “help meet.” Men were created to need a helper, a cheerleader, a listener, a healer, and a h (...)

God Keeps His Promises

Israel—Such a small group of people on a tiny piece of land about the size of New Jersey—yet, such productivity. Th (...)

He that Covereth a Sin is not Wise

Years, prison time, or true confessions do not change a pervert. Any man who is truly repentant never allows (...)

Israel: Thriving at 65

Israeli ingenuity has made little Israel seem much bigger than it is. Many of today’s technological advancements i (...)

Marriage Is God's Finishing School

Marriage is an arrangement that forces our imperfections to the surface where we can see the damage they do. It is (...)


Being homeschooled, there were many opportunities to do things most kids just dream about. Dad and Mom were into (...)

What Is the Balance between Technology and...

We are completing our final testing of the NGJ Mobile Safe Kids product, and very shortly we will be providing a (...)

When Dirty Diapers Land on Your Head

“Why is God allowing this to happen to ME?”

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