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July-August 2014

Table of Contents

Family Proverbs Time III

It is “Proverbs Time” at the Pearl house. There are no television shows or video games to compete for the moment. T (...)

Healthy Kids Homeschooling

One thing that really stuck with me as a kid was what I learned about good health. Dad was always into gardening (...)

Hypocrisy in the Homeschool Ranks?

Why would homeschoolers be singled out as guilty of hypocrisy? Because it's true—sometimes. I have observed p (...)

Life Homeschooling

Growing up, homeschooling was our way of life. It was part of every job, every fishing trip, and everything we did (...)

The Journey to Reaching the Uttermost

Can God use a young girl to make an eternal difference? God calls us all to preach the gospel to every creature (...)

Three Types of Children, Part 4: A Balanced...

In previous issues I have discussed the three natures of a child: the Prophet/Visionary type, the Priestly/Steady (...)

Who Defines You?

The best the world has to offer is a lot of hype from a therapist or motivational speaker about accepting yourself (...)

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