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July-August 2020

Table of Contents

Being a Grandparent

You thought you were done with the responsibilities of raising kids, but no. Your role has changed, but it is as (...)

Hammering Home a Truth

When you train a boy to use a hammer, when he is old he will know how to use a hammer. After 49 years of child training (...)

Real or Fake

How to Appear Righteous Even If You Are Not Many godless people have positive traits that conceal their impiousness (...)

Ser Abuelo

Pensaste que ya habías terminado con las responsabilidades de criar hijos, pero no. Tu papel ha cambiado, pero es tan (...)

The Gift of Work

By Wanda Kinsinger My children began helping around the house long before it was work to them. Every young child wants (...)

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  1. Hello Pearl family! In your most recent No Greater Joy magazine, on the inside cover (page 2), you wrote: "we have been flooding social media advertising a FREE read or download of the book Good and Evil." However, in searching your website and Facebook page, I cannot find where I can read or download that book for free. As far as I looked, your website only gives the options of buying it or viewing an English-language animated series. Could you please send me a direct link of your free download, specifically in the Russian language? Thank you and God bless!

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