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June 1996

Table of Contents

After Its Kind, and Then Some

When I see orange, the same shade as the fruit, I experience an involuntary citrus constriction in the muscles of (...)

Aloe Vera

Aloe is a medicine cabinet in disguise.

Broken Insides

As we piled out of the car and started unloading, there was a certain air of quiet foreboding over the (...)

He Touched Me

Struggling in the crowd Jostled by the throng Desperate just to touch Him

The Selfishness of a Tender Heart

You remember the many “Johnnys” in our book. His reputation was further confirmed as he came to visit us this wee (...)

Uncommon Common Sense

Recently I asked two old-timers (men who remember seeing the first airplane or automobile that came to town, and (...)

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