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March-April 2010

Table of Contents

Another Generation

Just the other day, Deb discovered the article “Of Utmost Concern,” written 9 years ago, back when we first sta (...)

Arranged Marriage

Dear Mike and Deb, My sister went through the courtship thing and married in complete harmony with Dad and Mom (...)


What exactly is autism? What does it do to the brain? What can we do to stop the growing numbers? And once a child (...)

Because We Need Him

The other day Deb and I were entertaining—or, better said, we were being entertained by—four-year-old Jocelyn, one (...)

Beginning With Words

For weeks now, my two-year-old has had the obnoxious habit of repeating himself over and over. At first I (...)


The psychological sciences assert that bitterness sickens the body, damages the bones, and weakens the immune system (...)

Change is Good

No Greater Joy Ministries is on the roll, and we (Mike and Debi) are moving along with it as well as can be (...)

Child Labor

Dad always had a mischievous habit of asking visiting children (of all ages) a question: “Hey little man, what do y (...)

Church Youth Group

Dear Pearls, We homeschool our three children. Now that the oldest one has turned 13, we feel under some pressure (...)

Different Techniques to Control Parents

...Children (as well as adults) throw fits as a means of controlling the actions of others. Your daughter screams (...)

Excerpt from Eight Kingdoms

You are not in the kingdom of heaven. No one is in the kingdom of heaven. If you are born again you are in the (...)

Excerpt from Revelation Handbook

The Revelation of John John was transported by the spirit of God into the future to witness history’s last chapter, and (...)

Exciting News - A Shindig Love Story

Shindig love story, excerpted from Kelsey’s blog.

Family Fountain

Neglect is the most common form of abuse. Good “Christian” parents who would never consider being physically abusive to (...)

Father Forsakes His Family Duty

Would the Lord take a man away from his children so that he sees them only a few hours a week?

Freedom From Addictions

Are you an addict? If you don’t do drugs or alcohol, you probably think not, but think again. Most of my readers a (...)

Homeschool Kid - Wins of Change

Behind Mom and Dad’s door stood an old, five-gallon plastic jug, the origin of which I have long forgotten. Every time D (...)

Homeschooling as a Way of Life

For many, "school" is the main focus in "homeschooling." As for me "home" is most important.

Humility Sought is Humility Lost

The lack of humility is an evil; but the presence of humility is not a virtue.

If This Were My Last Article. What Would I...

The other day I saw an online post that said, “If this were your last day, what would you do?” My first thought was tha (...)

Inculcando esperanza

Un niño sin esperanza es una vida trágica en proceso. Es trágica porque es innecesaria. Los padres y tutores transmiten (...)

Instilling Hope

There are no expectations in life that are worth taking away a child’s hope. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are f (...)

Jeremiah and Penelope

Eight-year-old Jeremiah was being impatient with his four-year-old sister, Penelope, and talking to her like she was (...)

Karen's Reply To Mama Bear

This is from Karen, a dearly beloved long time friend who also happens to be our editor. She is very wise, especially (...)

Learning Our Place as Wives

How can a wife “encourage” her husband to participate with family/children without being a nag? Things like having (...)

Leaving a Legacy For an Eternal Perspective

Have Your Eternal Perspective Continue After You Are Gone! A note from Mike and Debi: No Greater Joy has had inquiries (...)

Like Father, Like Son

The other day, I was downtown, which, in our neck of the woods, means two blocks of stores on the highway and half (...)

Little Things

John is a new addition to NGJ staff, working in maintenance and the order department.

Low Self-Esteem

My 9-year-old son has low self-esteem. He expects too much of himself. He feels rejected. We have never talked (...)

Married to a Visionary

When I was a young girl, most of the examples of good marriages in my life—my parents, my grandparents, a close a (...)

Men Will Be Boys

What do Michael and Debi do all day?

Michael's Reply To Mama Bear

Dear Mama Bear,I truly feel your pain, we have seen it close up. The courts do not recognize perversion as a problem (...)

Multi-Colored Girl

A lot has happened since the books Created to Be His Help Meet and Preparing to Be a Help Meet were (...)

Nagging Wives and Hurtful Husbands

"I struggle with being a nagging wife. I have been married seven years, and it seems we fight a lot more than we (...)

Never Underestimate the Need to Be Needed

Do your kids feel that they are a vital part of the family "team?" Everyone-- even the youngest--needs a job to (...)

New Book! The Hidden Help Meet

Sometimes God gives a man an astoundingly powerful message. God blessed Denny Kenaston with such a message. It was (...)

No Greater Joy Social Media Ministries...

One of The Door’s latest video clips from “This Message Will Change Your Life,” received over 250,000 views in the first (...)

Ode to Garlic

...I have had no official training in healthcare; however, my mother was a midwife and herbalist, and I learned (...)

Of Utmost Concern

How can it be called success if your children turn out to be part of the world’s problem rather than its cure?

One Size Fits All?

Not all children can be trained equally with the same techniques.

Other Children Changing Your Child's Destiny

...Did you ever experience this as you raised your children around other families? I feel sort of hopeless, that I (...)

Part 1- The Purists

The homeschool movement started with what some people call “Purist Trailblazers.” We were visionaries. We were doing the (...)

Part 2- Do You Want to Get Married?

This is a letter from a new husband, a good friend of ours, extolling his new wife, copied from Facebook 2-22-17: Six (...)

Preparing to Be a Help Meet—NEW BOOK!

Being a good help meet starts long before marriage. It is a mindset, a learned habit, a way of life established as (...)

Prisoners Freed

You may have heard me mention that my favorite ministry is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the inmates at (...)

Q + A From Our Mailbox

Dear Pearls,I have been living with the effects of my husband’s porn use for over 16 years. Sexual violence was normal f (...)

Raising Boys Who Raise Cain

My sons both have streaks of Command Man in them and have recently begun to assert themselves, and the conflict (...)

Rescued Raptor

Ever since I was a young girl, I wanted a raptor (bird of prey) for a pet. I just never thought it would be a (...)

Russian Language Good and Evil Update

After evaluation by two independent translators, the almost-finished Russian translation that we have been working (...)

Safeguarding Your Children

Dad's reaction and openness about sin, and God's hatred of sin gave us assurance in dealing with the world when (...)

Science Fiction Horror Story

God designs his human creation after his own image...And what do scientists do? They say, “It is good, but not g (...)

Seeking God's Counsel

I have spent the last few weeks praying and seeking God’s face as to how we should move forward with a new S (...)

Set Free

I have known this lady a long time and knew she was often ill or down about something but I never thought it was (...)

Sound Familiar? -Sally and Jimmy

There’s a little girl in my neighborhood who is six years old. Her mother has carefully guarded the girl’s chi (...)

Spanking a 7-Month-Old?

...Is it right to spank a 7-month-old for crying when put down for bed? I grew up with just ignoring the child (...)

Steps to Obedience

No! This command is much needed, but can be so overused that the child never listens to it.

Teaching the Grands

One of the grandkids asked me what neuroplasticity meant and what my new book was all about. This is what I told (...)

The Bottom Line

By now, most New Year’s resolutions have fallen by the wayside—and perhaps the bottom, if your resolution was to lo (...)

The China Connection

This past year, No Greater Joy Ministries sold five times as many Created to Be a Help Meet books in China as we did in (...)

The Crown of Loving His Appearing

When I was young, every believer I knew was thrilled about the fact that Jesus was coming. It is true that no one knows (...)

The Gift of Music

Music becomes the gateway to increased brain power for all areas of learning, including math, science, and memory (...)

The Kingdom of God is Not the Kingdom of...

“But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of t (...)

The Sodom Generation

Cane Creek itself has become infected with cell phone cyber sin. While parents dither about small things, feeling (...)

The Two-brained Kid

Just the other day, I heard an old mule trainer make one of the wisest statements about child training that I have (...)

The Vision Movie (Part 2)

In the previous magazine we wrote about the meeting we had with Manny Edwards, a Christian man who happens to be a (...)

To Teach or Not to Teach?

Dear Debi, We have read your thoughts on the woman never being the spiritual leader in her home (not leading the (...)

Virtuously Kind

The virtuous woman is kind. She does not get involved in idle chatter. Her words carry weight. They are (...)

What is Neuroplasticity?

Why should you want to read a book about the strange-sounding, relatively new science called neuroplasticity? How (...)

Year in Review

We are continuing to minister full steam ahead. Despite the diminishing contributions and overall sales, we have (...)

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