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March-April 2016

Table of Contents

A Dream Come True... 20 Years in the Making

Last month, Nathan returned to the mountain of Papua New Guinea and walked among the Kumboi people. He was a (...)

Managing vs. Leadership

We make ourselves weak and heavy laden, troubled with a load of care, when we need to take it to the Lord in (...)

Marriage Good Will

Dr. John Gottman's findings are amazingly consistent with biblical truth. We have said before that a good marriage (...)

Should the Relationship Move Forward?

Sometimes there were lost guys who would come around to "hang out," but if they didn't want to know the Lord, they (...)

Tommy's Story

Train your children to yell and tell. Let them know at least once a week that you will believe them and that you (...)

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3 comments on “March-April 2016”

  1. Am just now reading the Vision...I was born in 1947 and raised by first generation Christians..was raised during the time of ...anytime now the Lord will prepared. Now with the sudden in-cropping of the Muslim world ... I am in agreement that this is the last few years of speaking the truth to a lost world. Since it is becoming more difficult for us to..go to all the world..the Lord is sending us...all the world. I too am a published writer. I am so happy to read...fiction based on the possibilities of what may happen. With the up coming election and what looks like a government already full of those wanting to infiltrate Sharia law, I continue to pray that the truth become seeds that are fertilized by the servants of God. Thanks for your ministry of "Good Reads."

  2. I read and had my two oldest children read "Tommy's Story". First of all, thank you for publishing this story!!!! I can't say that enough. My oldest boy has dealt with a porn addiction a few years ago. He stumbled upon it while on a digital device. He hid it for several months until a pop-up informed him that he would go to jail if he didn't pay so much money because he had visited this site several times. It scared him. I thank God that it did because it made him bring it to me out of fear. I believe that was God getting him the help he needed. I then discovered this is a very common problem affecting more teens and adults then I ever realized. It is a silent problem. That is how the devil works best!!! I have tried to instill in my children to never ever keep a secret that someone wants them to keep. EVER! After reading the story he told me that it made his stomach hurt. Then it made him angry that a person "Tommy" was suppose to trust could use his position to do this. It was eye opening for him. He didn't want his sister to read it because he didn't feel it was appropriate for her. She is 12. I had to remind him of the age "Tommy" was when this abuse started so he could understand how important it was for her to read it. He agreed she should read it too. He then told me how sad it is that we have to live in such an evil world that her innocence had to change. Such a sweet boy I have. It tugged at my heart that he is so protective of his sister. I just had to share this with you. Thank you again for tackling such a tough subject!!!

  3. I was blessed by a friend in 1998 who witnessed some remarkable behavior demonstrated by a neighbor's children (toddlers and preteens). The unbelief overwhelmed her to comment and ask how did she get to be so disciplined. The mother asked one of the older children to go get "the book". It was "To Train Up A Child". My son was two years old then and despite the "cultural norm", the Lord's wisdom in that book prevailed. Today, he's considered odd and left out of many social groups (he didn't need to be involved with). He is a God-fearing, respectful young man and my husband and I are forever grateful to my friend, her neighbor and You for writing that book. As we like to say, "It's tight but it's right!"

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