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March-April 2020

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7 Important Things to Know in Raising...

1. Make time for them. Children are like plants. They need attention and direction every day. I plant a garden every (...)

God Made Jesus to Be Sin

Jesus Christ, God’s sinless son, covered with all the filthy deeds of degenerate mankind! Who would dare? God d (...)

Identidad equivocada: Servir frente a...

Querido Michael, En el artículo “Estudio sobre los surcos de la depresión” Debi escribió: “Los propiciadores se consider (...)

Lectura obligatoria

Ayer leí un artículo que debería ser obligatorio leer para todos los padres. Fue escrito por Sloane (no es su nombre re (...)

Making Your Calling Sure

In my experience, 95% of those who identify with the Christian religion have never been born again. They call (...)

Required Reading

The devil who wanted my kids in 1980 still wants yours today; he’s just keeping up with technology better than you (...)

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One comment on “March-April 2020”

  1. Hi,Deby Pearl.I am writing you from Azerbaijan.I have written you book named "Help meet".
    Amazing book!
    Also reading articls in you magazine.
    I have been married for 5 years and i am 30 year old.My husband 43 year old.
    I am working now.As always.Because i have been working untill we married.
    I like my work.But i feel that if i stop to work we couldn't do anything.My family depend on me.And it is like burden in my shoulders.
    We argue a lot.I lost my hope about him.
    My husband sometines have work.But the money he earns not enough for us.Very small amount.
    I agree that he is good money keeper.I gave him my card.But now i am hesitating about giving him my card or not?
    I need help.I am praying for wisedom.If you have any advise for me.

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