“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

NGJ Magazine:
March-April 2020

Volume 26, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Making Your Calling Sure

Michael Pearl

In my experience, 95% of those who identify with the Christian religion have never been born again. They call themselves a Christian family, but many are false converts. Just as there is a checklist of symptoms for different diseases, we have observed certain symptoms manifested by fake Christians…

God Made Jesus to Be Sin

Michael Pearl

Jesus Christ, God’s sinless son, covered with all the filthy deeds of degenerate mankind! Who would dare? God dared.

Required Reading

Karen Sargent

The devil who wanted my kids in 1980 still wants yours today; he’s just keeping up with technology better than you are. It is not enough to shield your children from the dangers that are out there; we must teach them to guard their own hearts.

7 Important Things to Know in Raising Children

Michael Pearl and Debi Pearl

1. Make time for them. Children are like plants. They need attention and direction every day. I plant a garden every year, and about half of the time I wait too long to stake my tomatoes. A small plant doesn’t …

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