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May-June 2023

Table of Contents

Boring Your Kids To Desperation

After 45 years of homeschooling and/or watching others homeschool, I have come to the lofty conviction that it is (...)

Gideon, A Man Of Valor

This is one of more than fifty stories in Mike’s new book on Faith throughout the Bible. It will be available in late S (...)

Mexico Prisoner Testimonies

Good & Evil Missions Update In the fall of 2021 we had the vision to expand our prison outreach using the Good and (...)


Have you, like me, prayed for revival, and dreamed of people responding in droves to the gospel?During Jesus’ earthly m (...)

You First

A few weeks ago I started giving Isabella, my 10-month-old, food to feed herself. She would make a mess, as all babies (...)

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