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Why Are New Browsers Better?

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  • Unlike IE9 and the upcoming IE10, they can be installed on Windows XP.
  • New browsers will automatically update to the latest version, or will notify you to download an update.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

NGJ Magazine: November-December 2007

NGJ Magazine:
November-December 2007

Volume 13, Number 6

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Table of Contents



Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Gracie will be turning three in October. I told my mom last week that I was going to start schooling her this year, and Mom said, “You have been schooling her for almost three years now.”


Don’t send a grandpa to do a mother’s work

Michael Pearl

Either I have forgotten what it is like to be solely responsible for a two-year-old, or I have gotten out of shape—both physically and mentally.



Michael Pearl

Blame was the second sin. Adam fell by eating the forbidden fruit, but he cut himself off from restoration when he blamed God for giving to him the woman who “caused” him to disobey.


It’s possible to correct the future

Michael Pearl

I think I know the frustration of a doctor working the Saturday night shift in the trauma unit of a big city hospital.


Becoming a Bear

Gabriel Pearl

Not much scares me. I’m a young man, strong, fast, sharp, on the edge. I’ve hunted crocodiles out of dugout canoes in piranha-infested waters in the middle of the night.


Show Me: Gratefulness

Debi Pearl

Have you ever given a gift to a young teen and watched her face draw up with an expression that was half irritation and half mockery, vividly showing her disdain for your stupid choice?


Answering the Critics

Michael Pearl

As our ministry continues to expand rapidly, we become more of a target for the naysayers. Of late, we have two primary groups that oppose us.


Big Foot

Debi Pearl

Do you have swollen feet? It is not only uncomfortable; it can also be a threat to your health.


Can You Believe It?

No Greater Joy Ministries

Spurgeon says, “Christ died for the ungodly.” Read what one ungodly woman experienced.

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