“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

NGJ Magazine: November-December 2011

NGJ Magazine:
November-December 2011

Volume 17, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Mother and daughter doing the dishes together.

Organize and Manage

Michael Pearl

Avoiding child training can result in frustrated parents and children who are hurtling towards dangerous circumstances. Mike discusses the benefits of consistent, loving child training.


The Flower House

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

A little patient parental flexibility can go a long way towards encouraging the creativity of children. Learn about Shalom’s girlhood flower houses and pretend meals served to her loving parents.

Little girl seated, looking down at her feet

Be Careful Little Feet Where You Go

Debi Pearl

Nathan Pearl reflects on the impact childhood experiences have on a person’s perception of right and wrong. An encouragement for parents to carefully guide the steps of their little ones.

Young husband and wife

I Need Her Counsel and Judgment

Michael Pearl

This excerpt from Created to NEED a Help Meet outlines ways a wife enriches her husband with counsel, encouragement and prayers. Michael Pearl urges men to benefit from those gifts.

We Go to Them

Debi Pearl

Shad Williams was transformed by the gospel. He was one of Mike’s ‘running buddies’ as they ministered to sailors and Marines en route to Vietnam. Shad and Sheila Williams still share that message of hope all over the world.

Silent Presses

Mel Cohen, CFP, RTRP, General Manager

General Manager Mel Cohen gives an update on the translation and printing of the graphic novel Good and Evil. Find out how you can help reach language groups all over the world with the gospel story.

Have You Ever Made a Wish?

Shalom (Pearl) Brand

Did you know that God tells us in his Word that if you want wisdom all you have to do is ask?

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