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November-December 2014

Table of Contents

Change is Good

No Greater Joy Ministries is on the roll, and we (Mike and Debi) are moving along with it as well as can be (...)

Freedom From Addictions

Are you an addict? If you don’t do drugs or alcohol, you probably think not, but think again. Most of my readers a (...)

Seeking God's Counsel

I have spent the last few weeks praying and seeking God’s face as to how we should move forward with a new S (...)

Steps to Obedience

No! This command is much needed, but can be so overused that the child never listens to it.

Virtuously Kind

The virtuous woman is kind. She does not get involved in idle chatter. Her words carry weight. They are (...)

Year in Review

We are continuing to minister full steam ahead. Despite the diminishing contributions and overall sales, we have (...)

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