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November-December 2019

Table of Contents

Bossy Boys and Independent Girls

When raising a son or daughter who has a gift for leadership, it is so much fun to guide their commanding (...)

Gentle Parenting: Part 1

Gentle Parenting is the craze right now. The name, Gentle, is camouflage for a hidden agenda that is not (...)

Gentle Parenting: Part 2

What does the Bible say about corporal chastisement and Gentle Parenting?

Marriage: Sharing the Pie

Love doesn’t keep accounts. It doesn’t keep score. When we start keeping score, it’s a game—a game where we are cou (...)

Why Did My Baby Stop Smiling?

When my son was a newborn, he was the happiest little guy you would ever see. When he was about four months old it (...)

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3 comments on “November-December 2019”

  1. Dear Michael and Debi
    I am peruvian, and since some years ago I have been reading your books in English and Spanish, I have not a request, but a suggestion, why don`t you look for collaborative people for your magazine in Spanish too?
    I`m pretty sure many latin people would be glad to translate articles from your bimonthly magazine in order to publish the complete issue in Spanish too.
    I would like to send to you one sample of the articles I´ve translated so far. they have been such a blessing for my church in Tingo Maria, peruvian forrest, and always ask me for more articles, even for the complete issue.
    I hope ine day spanish speakers would be able to get your magazine in our own language.
    I wait for your answer.
    Jose Ruelas Rios

  2. I have never heard anyone teach Romans 8 like Pastor Pearlman. It is absolutely incredible. The visuals are awesome, and they are very helpful. Some folks are visual learners. Thank you so much. What a joy and a blessing for the folks up in Lobelville to be able to come to The Door. I hope they realize how good they have it to be able to sit in person under these teachings. Thank you for all ya'll are doing. ?

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