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September-October 2012

Table of Contents

A Generation Later

Kids are made of rubber. They bounce back if we don’t get frustrated and throw them away.

Count Your Blessings

God says look diligently because it takes real focus to avoid catching the flu of bitterness.

Mommy, What’s a Manifesto?

The obviousness of the child training principles, along with Mike’s sometimes obnoxious wit, was just what our f (...)

My Mama Adores My Daddy

The following was written 12 years ago when Amy (Amy’s parents are on the cover) was four years old.

Respecting Your Little Ones

Be careful to never betray their trust, to never be the source of consternation or fear.

The Confidence to Try

One of the greatest disservices we can ever do to our children is to blunt their need to try.

Where Are the Men When You Need One?

The girls are ready, trained, and waiting for their man to come find them, but the men are not finding them. Why?

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