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September-October 2016

Table of Contents

A Screwtape Letter for the Underappreciated...

A tongue-in-cheek parody of C.S. Lewis... My Dear Wormwood, I was thrilled to hear you have been making progress (...)


Death. What a dark word, a scary word that brings fear into the hearts of many. But what is death? Is it just the (...)

God Defines a Good Person: Three Needful...

God has shown us what is good and what is required of us. So much of our religion is not required by God; some of (...)

Learning God Cares About Little Things

I remember the first time I asked for details in a prayer and God knocked me off my feet in surprise. He cared (...)

My Favorite Way to Start Each Day

Every morning that dawns is like a new opportunity to start fresh, to try new approaches and make new decisions (...)

Seven Pearls for Finding a Happy Marriage

Our 45th wedding anniversary is upon us. That's a lot of wonderful years together. We were sitting at the table (...)

Teenagers Ask...

I am struggling with my faith. I don't understand why God takes kids and good people up to him at such a young (...)

The Great Grandma Caper

When I was a little girl, maybe about seven years old, it was decided that I would go stay with what we called my (...)

Wisdom That Works: Three Essential...

I want to share with you some personal relationship rules the Lord has taught me. After being widowed, I got (...)

You Don't Have to Yell

As the momma, you have the primary role in influencing the home atmosphere. Consistent choices to be patient and (...)

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