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September-October 2020

Table of Contents

Adoption is a Redemption Story

Adoption is a redemption story. It is a reflection of our own adoption into God’s family. When we can relate with our a (...)

Aprender a entrenar - No a criar

Hace veintiún años mi esposo y yo adoptamos a nuestro primer hijo. En aquel tiempo no éramos la familia adoptiva tí (...)

Birthday Toolbox

Yesterday I saw child training at its best. The fact that it was my own son-in-law training my favorite grandkid (...)

Cultivate a Habit of Thankfulness

"In this world of corruption there is real danger that the earnest Christian may overreact in his resistance to evil (...)

Encouraging the Adventurer in Your Son

I always LISTEN when my boys play together, but I don't always watch. That mom gene can kick in and I'll find myself (...)

Interacting With Your Children

It is easy to recognize when a child has had significant interaction with his parents. His eyes are bright and alive (...)

Learning To Train - Not To Parent

Twenty-one years ago, my husband and I adopted our first child. At the time, we were not the typical adoption family (...)

Writing Contest WINNERS!

Here are the winners of our July writing contest! Due to limited space, we were unable to print two entries completely (...)

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3 comments on “September-October 2020”

  1. I have a question #1 if a Christian unknowingly marry a person who claims to be saved but she finds out that he was not, can she remain married to him and be justified by God since they have now become one flesh.#2 And can a Christian married to a narcissist be justified if she divorce him due to immotional verbal abuse and making life difficult to grow in the things of God.

  2. Thank you for your book on revelations. I have always been interested in learning more. Mr. Pearl, you are the only person whom I am very grateful for in listening to your Bible Studies, and sermons. I consider you my church, I have no church where I live that teaches the Holy Bible like you do. I look forward to studying and learning. Thank you again, and may God Bless You and Your Family.

    Jolene Beauregard

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