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Mother number One: “I simply can’t understand what has happen to my son John. He has always been the one child I could trust to always do right. He has always been so tho (...)

Imputed Righteousness

What does one do to have God’s righteousness imputed to his account? “Even as David also describeth the blessedness of the man, unto whom God imputeth righteousness…"

Five-Year-Old Whine-Baby

My daughter Shalom came home telling the following experience.

Mountain Ma and Pa

O, so much ter do So much ter be done! The work’s never through An the work ain’t much fun. No thanks fer yer labor No pay fer the job" Jest "What’s fer supper?" "How bout corn (...)

One More Time

Potty Training at Three Months

Training Teens

For a teenager it is too late to "train up a child," but it is not too late to lead them into the paths of righteousness.

Volley Ball No Bawler

This past fall on the volley ball court another episode in the ongoing saga of child training was played out on a nearby pallet where a mother daily deposited her crying (...)

Training at Three Months

One of the young mothers in the church tells how she trained her three-month-old daughter to cry and whine to be picked up and held.

Tot's Talk

I overheard two little tots. Discussing in great length Just why their mamas spank them. It made me pause and think. "My mommy spanks me when she’s mad,” I heard a young voice say (...)