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Why? But Why?

When a child is told to do something that he doesn't want to do, he will often ask, "Why?" It most cases the question is not prompted by a spirit of cooperative inquiry — it i (...)

A Whole Way of Life

The number of homeschoolers is rapidly increasing. Home-schooling is not just an alternative educational procedure; it is one of many expressions of a whole way of life.


The key to being able to use herbs effectively is keeping it simple.

Mama's String of Pearls

Mama's string of Pearls began When Mama met that big Pearl man. He smiled at her and Mama knew No other Pearl would ever do. The string was tied and soon twas' clear Another Pearl (...)

What Age?

Because some children are ready to begin learning to read at the age of four to six, it has been accepted as the time to start all children.

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