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Why Are New Browsers Better?

The browsers listed above have a number of advantages over older browsers, including:
  • Far fewer instances of crashing or freezing.
  • Much more secure from virus, malware, and browser hijacking attacks.
  • Much faster page-loading.
  • Larger page-viewing area.
  • A large variety of useful optional plugins and add-ons that add extra features to improve Web browsing.
  • Unlike IE9 and the upcoming IE10, they can be installed on Windows XP.
  • New browsers will automatically update to the latest version, or will notify you to download an update.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth” (3 John 1:4).

NGJ - Cane Creek Tubes

June 30, 2017

NGJ video

What is the remittance of sins?

So that is the biblical interpretation of what he said worked out in the history of the Apostles, and the history of the early church. It wasn’t until about 300 A.D., and then later about 600 A.D. that the Church formulated the idea of making a man a priest to become a mediator between God and man. How has that worked out for you? Not very well. But Jesus is still a mediator, and he still does a great job. And so we have that message, and with that message we have the power to forgive. With that message we have the power to retain.

What is the remittance of sins? by Michael Pearl

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