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The following article is designed to be used as a resource in defending your faith on Biblical child training. If the Federal or State agencies take me to court over advocating corporal chastisement, this will be part of my defense. “He that spareth his rod hateth his son: but he that loveth him chasteneth him betimes (Prov. 13:24).” This is one of many verses in the Bible that instruct parents to chasten their disobedient children with a rod. Websters Dictionary defines rod as: “a straight slender stick growing on or cut from a tree or bush.” If you read the… Read More
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An Encouraging Word

A friend of the ministry

Just wanted to let you guys know there are some people out there doing well and growing in grace, fighting the heavenly battle right alongside you.

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Prayer in Jesus’ Name

Michael Pearl

Does 1 John 5:14 mean that when we pray we need to add, “Thy will be done” or else God won’t respond to our prayers?

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My Husband is a Calvinist

Michael Pearl

Mike advises a confused reader whose husband has become a Calvinist. Spoiler alert: their marital problem is not one of doctrinal differences.

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Humility Sought is Humility Lost

Michael Pearl

The lack of humility is an evil; but the presence of humility is not a virtue.

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Sample Chapter from Mike’s New Book

Michael Pearl

When I was a young man sixty years ago, we knew from the plain sense of Scripture that there was an indeterminate time gap between Genesis 1:1 and 1:3. Our belief had nothing to do with attempting to accommodate the supposed geological ages of evolution, nor were we attempting to provide time for the apparent age of the fossil record. Our belief was based solely on the text of the Holy Bible. Any professing Christian who believed in Day Age or Theistic Evolution was considered an infidel.

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From Our Mailbox: Jesus Paid it All

Michael Pearl

Dear NGJ Ministries, Thank you for sending my order of Sanctification/Sin No More in good time. It was something I thought I should listen to, as I thought it was going to be another thing I would try in my … Read more

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From Sinner to Saint

Ken Lansing

I am a trophy of God’s amazing grace. It was about 46 years ago that Rob Saunders brought me out to one of your meetings. Thank God he was willing to take a chance on a devil like me. Back then I was a longhaired, dope-head pervert…

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Joshua Steele's Bible First!

Joshua Steele’s Bible First!

Debi Pearl

When we first moved to Cane Creek 30 years ago, there were about 30 people who met with us several times a week for over a year to study through the Old Testament.

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How Do You Set Up a True New Testament Church?

How Do You Set Up a True New Testament Church?

Michael Pearl

When one believer, joined by other faithful disciples, does the work of the church – sharing the gospel – and they assemble together for prayer, mutual encouragement and discipleship of new converts, you have a New Testament church.

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Watching Prophecy Being Fulfilled

Watching Prophecy Being Fulfilled

Michael Pearl

Conditions are rapidly aligning with Ezekiel’s 2,700-year-old prophecy. Fulfillment seems imminent. Our redemption draws nearer with every newscast.

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