The Great White Throne Judgment and the Judgment Seat of Christ

Don’t do Missions as Usual

Debi Pearl

From a missionary: Dear Michael and Debi Pearl, On my resent mission trip to Sudan I came across a dear pastor that has found the perfect building for his church, but he simply can’t get the $69,000 dollars to purchase … Read more

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Publishing to All Nations

Debi Pearl

For the first time in human history, through the avenue of social media and cell phones, we have the ability to reach the entire world with the good news.

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Making a Difference

Debi Pearl

49,246 Libyans read the Bible story online this year in Arabic. We were shocked and delighted when we discovered that nearly 50,000 people in Libya, a Muslim country of 6.5 million people, supposedly closed to the gospel, had visited … Read more

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From Our Mailbox: Jesus Paid it All

Michael Pearl

Dear NGJ Ministries, Thank you for sending my order of Sanctification/Sin No More in good time. It was something I thought I should listen to, as I thought it was going to be another thing I would try in my … Read more

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Shoshanna’s Testimony

Shoshanna (Pearl) Easling

I sat in church one morning listening to my dad preach. I had been “saved” a few years before. I remembered the time I had cried and asked God into my heart. I hung onto that moment when I cried … Read more

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From Sinner to Saint

Ken Lansing

I am a trophy of God’s amazing grace. It was about 46 years ago that Rob Saunders brought me out to one of your meetings. Thank God he was willing to take a chance on a devil like me. Back then I was a longhaired, dope-head pervert…

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Let Your Light Shine

Let Your Light Shine

Debi Pearl

God has raised up an army of people who are shining the light of Jesus into prisons all across America.

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A Dream Come True... 20 Years in the Making

A Dream Come True… 20 Years in the Making

Debi Pearl

Last month, Nathan returned to the mountain of Papua New Guinea and walked among the Kumboi people. He was a teenager when he was last there.

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Gospel Box Update

Gospel Box Update


Most of the kinks have been worked out of the Gospel Boxes and I am now proceeding with field tests. They have been sent to China, Peru and Ireland, as well as several locations around the U.S.

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Rebekah Pearl, Homeschooled to Bible Translator

Homeschooled to Bible Translator

Michael Pearl

Our oldest child is Rebekah Joy. She knew no schooling but homeschooling until the day we took her to Wisconsin and dropped her off at the College entrance.

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