The SE Asia Missionary Family

Updated December 2012

In 1990 I was an 18-year-old, long-haired pot farmer. A big, rough, lumberjack mountain man named Mike came to the old school bus we were living in and taught us the Bible three times a week. I fell in love with Jesus that Spring and haven’t recovered yet. The Spirit of God really swept through our family in a marvelous way, with my parents and three siblings all embracing the Gospel. To this day we are all still very close, and I lean on them very much.

When I was 20 years old I came to the horrific realization that there are multitudes of peoples and languages with no feasible way of learning about the Gospel. This troubled me, and still does to this day. I remember, once, beseeching God in tears, asking him if I could be a missionary for Him.

Wow. That seems like three lifetimes ago. Presently, my sweet wife and our awesome kids are living inside a closed, Communist country in Southeast Asia. While we often find ourselves simply serving the persecuted Christians, most of our energies go to translation and development of Christian literature and scriptures in a couple different languages.

Currently we are saving up and planning to return to the States in early 2012. We hope to be in America for a short while, and look forward to spending time in our home church, meeting new brethren and reconnecting our kids into American culture. If any are interested in hearing more details about our vision for *** during this time, please feel free to invite us to come and we will tell you a bunch of wild stories. No church or fellowship is too big and formal or too small and informal. If interested, please contact Kathy at: [email protected]