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Michael Pearl has preached and taught the Bible in prisons for 45 years. He has seen many men get saved and go on to become faithful men of God. NGJ has sent over 60,000 copies of the gospel book, Good and Evil, to over 1,000 prisons in America. Chaplains have requested them by the carton. Some prisons are receiving 100 books a month. We have heard testimonies of many conversions. But there are many more requests that we are not able to meet. Your donation will go directly to the purchase and shipping of materials.

You can now also get involved through our Lightbearers ministry!

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“I want to say ‘Thank you’ to all of the kind people that donate to this ministry and make Good and Evil available to inmates. My eyes are filled with tears as I think of how many people I helped walk to Christ with this Bible comic book.” —A letter from former inmate Mark

“You sent me several copies of Good and Evil, two copies of which are now in our prison library and are checked out all the time. Many of the men here cannot read, and they have been so blessed by Good and Evil [because it is picture-based].” —A letter from inmate Donald

“I just got an update from a friend who is a corrections officer at Albuquerque Metro detention center. I had dropped off 13 copies of Good and Evil about 2 months ago. He tells me that they have been so popular there are not enough to go around. The librarian has put a two week check out time limit!”—Prison Ministry Donor

“From this jail cell I asked you for a Good and Evil Bible story book and you sent me one. That was the first time I had ever read the Bible. I love that book and found it hard to put down.” —A letter from inmate Randy

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Michael Pearl smilingThe Man Christ Jesus

An NGJ favorite! Teaching on the man and work of Christ Jesus.
The Man Christ Jesus

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Whom Shall He Make to Understand Doctrine

“I was 20 years old, sitting in a prison cell, when the Word of God brought me to repentance. It won’t be so with my children.”