Posted January 12, 2013


I really have a difficult time sitting down and studying my Bible.  I am in college (commuting from my parents’ home) and I am very, very busy! Also, it is extremely difficult to find privacy in my house (we have a big family), and I cannot seem to open my heart and mind to God’s Word when my surroundings are noisy or people are around me.  In addition, I often feel obligated to be diligent to deal with school responsibilities (assignments, studying, etc.) and helping out with chores, housework, etc. before sitting down and devoting myself to Bible study, even though I know the knowledge I gain from school is not nearly as vital as knowledge from God’s Word.  As we all know, there is practically no end to housework and there is always something to study more or another assignment to do in school.  I’m sure everyone on this site also has very busy lives, and I was hoping you could share any tips or encouragement you have learned in your life as to either:

A. finding time and privacy to study

B. learning to put up with the distractions and noise and simply do the best with what I’ve got.


I know that, Lord willing, when I’m married, I will probably encounter this same sort of issue.  I’m trying to conquer this now so that, in addition to learning and studying the Bible now, I will also have the discipline to study in the future. 

Any advice will be very much appreciated!!  Thank you.


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  1. evelyn

    If I didn’t know better, I would think I had written this and just forgot about it! Seriously, I often find myself in the exact same situation. I haven’t found a perfect solution, but here are a few things I have been working into my day.

    1. I purchased some bible study cds to listen to in the car on the drive to and from school, which is about 30min from my house. The Pearls have a good selection of them by book or topic. You could listen to them while doing chores as well if you wanted.

    2. I have a single sheet of printer paper on my nightstand that has a selection of verses (right now Romans 6 is what I am working on) that I am trying to gradually memorize and meditate on. I’ll read/review a verse or 2 right before I go to sleep and try to repeat it in my mind until I fall asleep, and/or I’ll do that while getting ready in the morning.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that Bible study doesn’t necessarily have to be the traditional sit down with your Bible and a journal for 30min or whatever… I am finding that in this season of my life, where I don’t really have any control over my schedule due to the major I am in and such, I am kinda having to make do, multitask and find alternatives to what most people do.

    I am really bad a tuning out distractions too, so no help there. As for privacy, sometimes I’ll bring my Bible in the car and leave a little early before school to get some time to study, or study before I head home. Sometimes that is the only place I can find that privacy haha!

    Hope this helps~

    # January 29, 2013

  2. jackie - the author of this post.

    thanks for your ideas Evelyn! they helped me get a new perspective on Bible study 🙂

    # February 6, 2013