Posted May 16, 2013

This article came across my computer recently.

“I’m sure that most of them are under the impression that the church’s view on this has been the same down all of the generations. That the church has always taught ‘True Love Waits’, even back in the days when it was written in Latin on purity rings: “Verus Amor Manet”.

But it wasn’t. They didn’t. Far from saying ‘True Love Waits’, the church fathers (the protestant ones. Catholicism is another issue.) told the young people to, ummm, marry. And the church and their fathers were supposed to make sure this happened.”

I found it to be a fascinating article. Enjoy!


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  1. blackwhitedenim

    The article made a good point. True love waits for physical intimacy, but to me it seems that a lot of girls think true love waits for perfection, or on “God’s” (their) perfect timing. I can only speak from my own experience, but in my opinion girls need to be more humble.

    I had two serious offers for a relationship. The first one I rejected, the second one I took. They are both good solid Christian guys and had both been rejected a couple times before they talked to me. I think some of this rejection was based on looks (a big reason for me rejecting the first guy). When I got older I realized I wasn’t that great looking either, and my ‘standards’ dropped. My ‘yes’ man was only marginally better-looking than the first guy, but I got to know him over time and got used to his looks.

    I think one of the only differences between the first offer and the second offer was my pride. After a few years of life I had more respect and empathy for people. I expected nothing from them and everything from myself… all the ‘standards’ were on my end. With the first guy I thought “I deserve better than you” and with the second guy it was “you deserve better than me”, though in retrospect both guys were equal.

    My mini-commentary.

    # May 22, 2013

  2. amelia

    Excellent article! So so true.

    # May 25, 2013