Posted January 4, 2014

I’m not planning on making this decision anytime soon, but I would really like to attend the Shindig in NC later this year. Unfortunately, I would probably go by myself, and more than likely, would not know anyone there. Is this normal or will I feel out of place?


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  1. smileyo0

    I went to the Shindig with my family last year but most of the time I walked around by myself – the people there are very friendly and open, you will not feel excluded. I befriended a group of teens/young adults who had come there as a group (without their families) and there will probably be more people like that. You would not be alone for long. Even when you wait in line for dinner people will start talking to you. I sat down at dinner at a table by myself one night and by the end I was joined by like seven girls and guys 🙂 Basically, at the Shindig no one will make you feel out of place if you are willing to meet new people 😀

    # May 31, 2014