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Am I Flirting or Not?

Hi! I’m an outgoing girl, and i only grew up with guys which is why I’m very comfortable around them. When I was younger I only wanted to hang out with guys , and thankfully that changed. But I’m still comfortable around guys and talk with them (not privately just when we are in groups)[…]

Hi Debi/Shalom – I have read many books and attended seminars on dating, courtship eyc. I lay in my bed yesterday and keyed into YouTube biblical dating and came across the discussions Debi had with Kirsten. It was an eye-opener to say the least. I live in England, 32 year old femalepreparing for marriage. Since[…]

I am 32 years old believing God for a husband. I have been worried many times as all my friends have either married or having their third child. I would often ask God ‘when’. This led to extreme anxiety for over three years in the past. Thank God I am now at a place of[…]

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