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Does any one know of third world orphanages that need volunteers? A place where young ladies will most likely be safe? I really want to volunteer in an orphanage in either some place like Haiti or Mexico where they always have an over abundance of babies and children and not enough workers… Anything would be[…]

I am not sexually attracted to my husband! I married him for his heart and because he is a great christian guy. By me trying to be pure i never let my mind wonder about intimacy after marriage. It has been 4 years and im not attracted to my husband at all! I usually ‘pretend’[…]

Hello, all, I’ve been very blessed to have found a ballet studio that is directed by a Christian lady with a passion for modesty and God’s glory. Having reached the pre-professional level, I’ve begun Pas de Deux a few semesters ago with a young man from my homeschool group who is totally on fire for[…]

In my youth group, they always ask for one the kids to pray. I always want to, but can’t bring myself to do it. Part of it is that I naturally have a shy nature and also worry about messing up drawing a blank. :/ I know that I shouldn’t be thinking about what others[…]

I know this sounds really odd, but I seriously don’t know if I’m a virgin or not. I was abused when very little (before puberty), so I’m inclined to think not. But I’m not sure. And how do I tell the person that I may marry?

Does anyone have advice on how to radically deepen and strengthen my relationship with God??? And also if y’all could give me some examples of when and how y’all do your quiet time. Thanks!!!!

Everytime i meet a really nice guy and we like each other, about 2 weeks after i wake up and i dont feel the same way at all.. Its like i go into feeling unattracted to him. Why does this happen ?

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Waiting & Waiting

I have not yet read the book; but while surfing I jus landed up on this site. I read all the testimonies and felt really blessed. I am 27 now and as I am going through waiting period, I was encouraged to read these stories. I desparately want to read this book now. I am[…]

Hiya! I have been in a constant debate within myself as to what I should do concerning my future as in furthering my education or giving it up. I was mainly pushed by my boss to go to college, as well as some family members. My mom felt it was God’s calling simply because everything[…]

What do you think about boys and girls emailing eachother as long as they are talking about about good things and would not be ashamed if their parents or siblings read their emails?

I happened to look down at my knees the other day when I was wearing shorts in Pilates class and realized that my knees look like they belong to a 10-year-old boy. I have tons of scars on my legs, mostly from nicking myself while shaving and tripping while running/rollerblading/running through the sprinklers in the[…]

There is no need to register for this site. At this time we have decided to keep the site use anonymous and we also want to avoid profiles and user to user interaction (outside of comments), although there may be room for that in future. At present we just don’t have the staff to manage[…]