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I’m wondering how much lightheartedness is silliness.  I’m generally a very outgoing, bouncy, lighthearted person.  I’ve been told by one of the girls in my group  (who is pretty much a perfect Victorian model child … but never seems to have much fun and is still unmarried at almost 30) that I am silly and[…]

Hi, ladies! This is probably sort of sad, but I want to find out how to learn to trust my father.  It’s a sort of tough situation for me, and I need help.   When I was younger, I was abused.  I still have nightmares about it, or things related to it.  I’ve had so[…]

Hello everybody, I am writing because i want to understand what is Gods will on an issue i have in my marriage. I am a born again lady married to a not born again man. I was in another relationship before and we separated but left with a daughter, like wise my hubby was in a[…]