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Don’t Know What to Do…help, Please?

Hey everyone ūüôā So.. here’s a little background information. There’s this guy at our youth group¬†who¬†started coming to your church¬†a couple months ago. He’s about 18.¬†He’s really a GREAT guy, friends with everyone¬†and he’s growing in his faith. He is my best guy friend. BUT!, I don’t consider him any more than a friend. There[…]

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Questions to Ask Your Future Husband?

Hello all ūüôā About a month ago someone had asked my dad for permission to court me. I was shocked! This person was so strong in faith and I was dumbfounded that he would ask for me.¬† I knew many girls that longed for him to ask for them and I just felt so honoured.¬†When[…]

Hi all ūüôā These past few weeks I have felt the Lord pressing on my heart to do Mission Work/Volunteering, etc. Could you please tell me of places that need volunteers, say for a few months? I would like it if it were a bit more on the Conservative side. For example, not a place[…]

Hi y’all! I was just wondering about ways to get busy for the Lord. When I read the “Preparing to be a Help Meet” book, I admired how¬†Debi,¬†Ellie and Leah¬†all were busy, doing as much as they could for Christ.¬†What are ways that I can¬†do that? I’m¬†turning 16 in a¬†few months.¬†I’ve been¬†praying for¬†quite a while[…]