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Hi Shalom and others, I am going overseas for a month to visit my Mr Steady boyfriend, who I’ve been keeping in contact with over the last months via email & Skype. He is the most caring, patient, honest guy I’ve met and I’m so grateful to the Lord for opening the doors for both[…]

Hi ladies, I need some advice. I posted a while ago that I was concerned I was too smart for guys and that it may put them ‘off.’ I got lots of great tips, so…  thank you! I haven’t had a boyfriend so far, am 23 years old, and somehow I have this wifey/motherly nature[…]

I am 17 years of age. I will graduate soon (i am homeschooled) and I Thought I had everything figured out. I was been called to  be a missionaries wife last year. My situation is a bit complicated….my parents seperated and divorced (biblicaly, said by my pastor) my mother is a good christian lady. My father[…]

Hi, i’m 17 and really like a nice christin guy (he is 20). But when I was 9 something terrible happed to me. I was a goody-good girl and my friend (who I never really like) thought because I was nice to her I like her in a loving kinda way. I didnt know anything.[…]