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I’m sixteen years old and there’s a boy at my church who has been showing a lot of interest in me. He hasn’t outright said anything about it but he always stares at me and tries to be extra funny when he’s around me. I’m very careful not to look back or go out Of[…]

My name is Monica. I am a Chinese girl. This year 30 years old. Single.Very sad, worry, depression.Because, in China 30 years have not yet married, is to be a joke.Read Debi Pearl’s book. Change a lot. Know a lot. Thank God! Thanks to Debi pearl. When NGJ to come to China? Here there are[…]

How do treat a young man who is showing A lot of interest in you with graciousness and kindness while still maintaining the right amount reservednes and cautiousness? Both of us are several years away from the age That we would be considering marriage and also He doesn’t have the kind of character I would[…]

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If You Want to Marry Me, Here’s What You’ll Have to Do.

(The following was contributed by Natasha from Minnesota.) Hi there. Just reading PTBHM with my daughter… wonderful book! My daughter came across a poem this morning you might have seen by Shel Silverstein. My Rules by Shel Silverstein If you want to marry me, here’s what you’ll have to do. You must learn how to[…]