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My dad & mom are writing a book for young men called “In Search of a Help Meet” Like the Preparing book where it had comments from guys this book will have comments from girls and what we have to say throughout the book. So this is your chance ladies to tell guys what you[…]

Hi Ladies, I hope and pray that each of you are living in the joy of the Lord. I am so sorry it has taken me so long to move on to chapter 5. I am having a hard time doing anything right now, but getting ready for this baby that is due any day[…]

Thanksgiving Produces Joy This is the last of three chapters on Thanksgiving and joy so let us really take it to heart. Look up the word Thanksgiving and if you want to share with us that silly thing you do to make your husband laugh, I am sure we would all enjoy it . The[…]

So sorry it took me so long to start chapter 3 My kids have had the chicken pox, so I have not been working. A thankful spirit Read chapter three and the book of Philippians. And share what you learn. My kids are my personal mirror, a reflection of who I am at the moment.[…]

A Merry Heart I Love this chapter! Fighting for your man! The more women I have talked to the more I realize that almost everyone that has been married for a few years has to fight for her man at least one time, if not more. I am not saying we have bad husbands, there[…]

I would like to start by first saying. As a young wife I will be learning with each one of you as we read through Created and that I do not consider myself as the teacher. I consider my mom as the teacher as we are studying her book. If any of you ask question[…]

It has been a wonderful year here on the Preparing site. All of you girls are wonderful and I love all of you . It has been so wonderful to see you grow in the Lord. My prayer for each of you is that you will each grow to love and serve the Lord even[…]

From Debi:Several times a week I receive a package in the mail from someone who ask me to read their new book or view their new DVD. Usually I am just too busy to read every book or watch every DVD. The book called Surrender caught my attention because the sub-title is, Pregnant With Cancer.[…]

True Love Happens in the ER By: Lisa Joyner I was thinking about a friend of mine who left a marriage of 25 years and 5 children behind in order to find “fulfillment” for herself in running marathons and chasing another young, quite -fit runner in her group. I was actually feeling sorry for her[…]

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Let’s start this week by reading through chapter 5 and then I want you to look up the phrase in subjection in your Bible. The word subjection means, to put under or subdue to be in obedience, submitting oneself to another; to be enclosed or shut up in a place; to be bound by the[…]

Hi again, well lets move on to chapter four. This week we will be talking about the Priestly type man and how we should respond to them . How many of you have Priest fathers or husbands? A Priestly type man as you will read in the Book is easygoing, not given to extremes, like[…]

Sorry for the delay in starting chapter three. My family and I have been sick the past two weeks. So far we have read chapter one and studied prayer and then we read chapter two and learned how being stubborn can sometimes be rebellion. Now let’s move on to chapter three. This is the first[…]

Dear ladies, Welcome to week two of the Preparing to be a help meet study. I hope you enjoyed chapter one. This week we will be reading chapter two and learning about being stubborn. Look up the word in your bible and share with us what you learn. Let me tell you right now when[…]

Hi ladies, Welcome to the Preparing to be a Help Meet Online study. I hope that it is a blessing to each one of you. This week you need to read chapter one in your book and look up the word prayer in the Bible. If you have a story about an answer to prayer,[…]

Dear Preparing ladies, Starting February 5th we will be hosting a Preparing To Be A Help Meet Weekly Study, right here on this website! Each week I will post the chapter we are reading and word studies from the Bible for that week. Those of you who would like to study with us can comment[…]