Posted February 24, 2014

My husband and I got married and from day one we have had nothing but problems. I married outside the faith which should have been my first stop sign. I have always had a Christian raising and roots but strayed away for years. I didn’t hear of these books until a few weeks ago and it was too late. we were only married for three years one of which he was deployed over seas. He struggled with God and religion in general the entire time we were married and finally gave up and turned his back on not only me and our family but to God. ┬áThis bothers me every day and I really want the best for him and for him to trust The Lord but its all in Gods hands now. we have one child together and I have an older daughter that he adopted(she is the result of bad choices on my part but the best thing that God could have ever given me). Even though i have always been taught that divorce is wrong and I have read the bible on things concerning divorce, I can’t help but feel like there has to be someone out there that God wants me to be a help meet too. Is this just me thinking up things in my own mind? Can you be married twice and still be considered right in the eyes of The Lord ? I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone I am only 24 and I feel like my purpose is to be a help meet to someone that God has chosen for me… Is this possible?



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