Posted March 28, 2012

Thanksgiving Produces Joy
This is the last of three chapters on Thanksgiving and joy so let us really take it to heart. Look up the word Thanksgiving and if you want to share with us that silly thing you do to make your husband laugh, I am sure we would all enjoy it .
The story that mom tells about her yelling and scaring Dad, was an everyday event. She was always jumping out from behind something to scare him. We would be eating supper and she would let out a yell making us all jump up in fright, while she sat there laughing at us. Dad was always laughing and chasing her down for her punishment, which was a kiss. We would all laugh and tell them to keep it PG13


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  1. lisa

    LOL Shalom!! Love that story. Punishment a kiss? Puh! How about a bear size hug to go with it!

    I make my husband laugh but it would not be PG13 though! He tells me I am sick ( this is all in good fun mind you) and I tell him he loves me that way! (Sorry ladies this is just for his ears and I don’t think you want to read it) It is just how we play…or my jolly playmate! He is always smiling when he comes around me so it has to be top notch, right? ;o)

    Thanksgiving…. The act of giving thanks, being thankful, giving thanks to others. Offering up thanks to our Father God for something he did for me even though I asked/or did not ask. That is what Thanksgiving means to me… or thanksliving!!

    Thanksliving=joy! I can’t wait to read your stories!! Hey Swiftohear I replied to the perfect mate to the question you asked me!

    I tell people on the phone that my husband and I are like Laurel and Hardy. But I could not tell you which is which though! It would always seem like we are laughing about something!!

    # March 29, 2012

  2. Trina

    To name a few silly things…. I like to bust out in song and do funny dances, my favorite being the running man =) I also like to make this certain face that is soooo ugly/funny while my husbands back is turned and then he will look at me and laugh and I will say whats so funny!?. I like to get a few tickles in here and there but I have to think about if i want to be tickled back before I do it. Then I like to pretend to have an accent, favorite being my fake country accent. He will look at me and say sarcasticly “dont ever do that again” LOL.

    # March 30, 2012

  3. swifttohear

    I have a story for you about this, so you can laugh at my expense!!

    I am extremely thankful that my husband chose to marry me. We’ve been married for 7 years, and I am still googly-eyed and in love with him. I am always giddy like a school girl when I see him. So, there we were, the boys and I, playing at the creek under their favorite railroad bridge where they climb the old railroad ties, which are partially submerged in the water. I heard my husband coming just as I was emerging from the creek with the boys. I had a hoodie on from the cold, and was fighting a bush to get up the bank, so couldn’t see too well. Excited to run up and meet my husband, I ran headlong into the corner of a wooden bridge plank, and knocked myself out!

    I actually cried from the pain. I didn’t cry from pain when I gave birth, med-free, or when my oldest popped my pubic bone apart when he was born, rendering me wheelchair bound for three months… Didn’t cry then. But, oh, did I cry today!! Youchie!! So, my husband and I are going on a date tonight (our second in six years), and right below my hairline, in the middle of my forehead, I’ve got a goose-egg (more like a chicken egg, or maybe it’s more like a robin-egg, come to think of it!!), with a lovely red gash (okay, maybe a scratch), across the top. It was worth it, because afterward, my husband teased me relentlessly, and we laughed and laughed!! Moral of the story: enjoy each moment you have with your husband, b/c you never know when it will be your last.

    # March 31, 2012

  4. Harley

    My husband got kicked in the ribs by a horse 4 days ago and he is hurting pretty bad.
    The other night we had some family out visiting and I was laughing like my normal self and he kept saying “Stop laughing!” as he tried to keep from laughing because it hurt so bad. I said “Why do I have to stop?” he answered, “Because when you laugh, I laugh!”.
    That was the first time I realized how true it is… when I am happy and full of laughter and joy, he can’t help but be the same way just by watching me.
    These past 4 days of him being in so much pain that it hurts when he laughs has actually been a really good thing! It made me see how much I influence his laughter and has made me more apt to laugh.. when he feels better :))

    # April 7, 2012

  5. Shalom (Staff) - posted the original question.

    My stomach is sticking straight out right now, being only a few weeks from having a baby, and I walk like a penguin. All I have to do is be in the room with my husband and he is smiling at my stomach and laughing at my walk. I exaggerate my walk and stick my stomach out a little farther to get him really laughing. My two year old son calls my stomach, Fat baby; He loves kissing on it. This past week my husband was out mowing the grass so I went out to pick up sticks for him. He was mowing on the side of the hill by our house and as I waddled down the hill toward him I saw a stick in his path so speeding up I went for the stick only to lose my footing and instead of waddling down, I slide down on my back side. It was quite a sight; he quickly stopped mowing to make sure I was ok. As soon as I let him know I was fine he said, “I am so glad for you looked so funny” and he started laughing. We laughed together, I got a kiss or two or three, then we went back to work. Life is so much sweeter when you laugh. Shalom

    # April 9, 2012

    • Miss Dreamer Gal

      Oh, that is so true! Life is SO much sweeter when filled with laughter and joy! Thanks so much for sharing your sweet story!! 🙂

      # April 9, 2012

  6. Sandra

    I just started the weekly study, so I am playing catch up, but I wanted to post something. Years ago, I was in a depressed state and couldn’t figure out why-I had no reason to be depressed and yet I was. I went to the doctor and got put on medicine that I didn’t like the side effects of, so I stopped taking them. Anyway, I came across No Greater Joy and ordered CTBHH. It was probably about at this chapter and I had to go have my womanly checkup. After the exam, the doctor was talking and out of the blue she looks at me and says “You are just so happy”, and this really took me by surprise and I said something to the effect of “Life is good” and she says “No, I think it’s more likely that you just have a happy personality”. Well it puzzled me because for a long time, I didn’t have a happy personality at all, but when I thought about it, I realized that yes I was happy. Anyway, back to present day. Yesterday, it dawned on me that I am again happy, which got me to thinking why am I not happy at times? I have every reason to always be happy, so what changes. I realized that I change, I start believing in the world view of women again and start getting a liberated attitude and I cannot be happy with that attitude. God did not create me to be liberated, he created me to be my husband’s dream wife. I cannot believe I bought into the lies again. I mean, four chapters and I am again realizing my purpose in life and it is to serve the man God created me for. It is a wonderful revelation for me! When I live the way I KNOW I am meant to live-honoring, obeying, and submitting to my husband in deed and THOUGHT, wholeheartedly-I am living in the sweet spot and boy is it grand.

    # April 19, 2012

  7. Faith

    It has been a long time since I read CTBHHM, as I gave my first copy away to someone I thought could also benefit from reading it. Praise God, my husband bought us the Help Meet set, and we just received them today! I hope I can read fast enough to catch up on this study!

    Anyway, I wanted to ask for a bit of help on the topic of joy, if you all don’t mind.

    I pray every morning before getting out of bed, including asking God to help me be a good wife and mother. I get up happy and cheerful, truly glad to see every one of my 6 children and my husband (who is currently at home due to a work-related injury). I enjoy choosing to be joyful and cheerful, greeting each one with smiles and hugs. Many mornings, however, my dear husband is not so cheerful. In fact, he can be quite the grump – meeting my smile with a grouchy look, complaining about this or that, yelling at the kids (or even me), etc. throughout the course of the morning.

    This often happens, too, when he comes home from being out somewhere, or I come home from an (husband-approved!) outing. I am always happy to see him and greet him with love and a cheerful smile. Inwardly, I never know what to expect, as most times he is grouchy and angry. I do my best to have the home as he likes it and be ready for his coming, but many times he will be angry at me about something anyway, and I can never predict what it might be. Sometimes I feel that I can never measure up or be perfect enough for him.

    I do try to keep my chin up, but on such occasions, especially when he directly hurts my feelings with his rough, unloving way.. it is so hard to FEEL that joy! My balloon just deflates in pain and sadness.

    I don’t want this to be the case. I want to help change the atmosphere of our home to joy, not the other way around. Can anyone please give me some advice on this?

    Thank you,

    p.s. Thankfully, my husband is not ALWAYS like this. In fact, he often apologizes later and admits he has an anger problem and is asking God to help him. Some days he is wonderful, flashing his amazing smile, and I can see he is really trying to be more gentle with me and the children.

    # May 10, 2012

    • Faith

      One more thing – on those grouchy days, it often SEEMS as if he is not content until he has made the rest of us as miserable as he is. Can a joyful attitude be irritating to someone who is angry or depressed?

      # May 10, 2012

  8. Faith

    I can’t believe it’s only been four days since I wrote the above posts… Maybe someone read them and has been praying for us.

    My husband has been whipping his way through CTNAHM, and – WOW. I don’t know what all’s in there but – WOW. I already have a changed man. He is AMAZING. EVERY time he begins to speak to me in anger or frustration, he stops mid-sentence, apologizes and starts over! He has discussed a few things with me, so I know that whatever is written about the 3 personality types has helped him immensely. He is suddenly so much more relaxed, patient, servant-hearted, thoughtful, considerate, and confident in his own leadership.

    I also started reading my new copy of CTBHHM, but have been working through very slowly, as I am wanting to do all the written stuff at the end of each chapter, and am really trying to absorb it all, more than the last time I read it.

    I’ve noticed right away how much my demeanor impacts him. When I do fail to wear a smile (even a slight one) when he walks in the room, he looks… tense. As soon as I smile at him, I can visibly see him relax.

    We have been enjoying each other so much lately. It is such a fun game to make him smile or laugh throughout the day. I have been enjoying submitting to him more and being even more supportive when he shares his thoughts and ideas with me (this usually entails shutting up!).

    I feel so, so blessed, and I just hope and pray that this is the new “us”, permanently!

    Thank You Jesus, and thank you Pearls!

    # May 15, 2012

    • CJ

      Praise God!

      # May 15, 2012

  9. Shalom (Staff) - posted the original question.

    Oh Faith, I am so happy to read your response, on the change in your home. Having the “Joy of the Lord” is so wonderful. I wanted to encourage you before you responded to continue in Joy, but your response shows that you have that down. It is your job before God to be happy and live in his light and joy but it is up to your husband on whether he chooses to be happy too. Do not put it on yourself or feel like you are doing something wrong when he cannot control his anger. If you are doing what God has ask you to do, then you are not to hold yourself accountable for his sin, it is his, not yours. Be joyful; pray for him that God will continue to work in his heart to control this sin. It sounds like he is learning and that God is working in him. Continue to pray and do your part before God to live in the “JOY OF THE LORD.” Has your husband ever listened to the Sin No More CD series? It has helped many men become free from the sin of anger and many other sins. It sounds like you are both on the right track to becoming, heirs together in the grace of life. Shalom

    # May 15, 2012

  10. Faith

    Thank you so much, Shalom. Your words relieve a great burden from my shoulders.

    It has been truly amazing how, even when he slips in this, it has rolled right off my back like never before, and I am able to keep smiling, and even sometimes giggle in the midst of it! Crazy! God is so awesome! Such grace is on us right now. Maybe some ladies reading the posts have been praying for us!

    Is “Sin No More” the Romans teaching? He has expressed some interest in listening to that. Hopefully we can afford to get it soon.

    Jesus bless you all!

    # May 15, 2012