Posted July 15, 2012

OK. here is my situation. I am divorced. my husband left me for a homosexual relationship and I know live at home with my father and mentally handicapped brother. I do want to marry again but I dont want to go through what I did again. What I guess Im trying to ask is that how do I tell if a man is just using me as a cover up and when he is looking for a helpmeet?


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  1. megan

    I don’t have any advice kathleen I just wanted to let you know I prayed for you when I saw this that God would work in your situation.

    # August 4, 2012

  2. Toni

    What you went through is not common, chances of it happening again are slim. I know you have been burn’t, it must have been terrible for you, It is not your fault. God has someone special for you, trust in Him, when someone comes along listen to the council of those you respect. Get on with serving the Lord, when the time comes God will give you the assurance you need. It will all fall into place, when God sets it up it all happens easily.

    # August 5, 2012

  3. beth

    BEG God for wisdom!
    He promises that He will give wisdom to those that want it. (James 1)

    # March 3, 2013