Posted February 24, 2014

Hey everyone 🙂 So.. here’s a little background information. There’s this guy at our youth group who started coming to your church a couple months ago. He’s about 18. He’s really a GREAT guy, friends with everyone and he’s growing in his faith. He is my best guy friend. BUT!, I don’t consider him any more than a friend. There is someone who likes him (obviously) and it seems as though she doesn’t want me around him because then there might be something more between us? I guess she didn’t get as much attention before now and since he’s nice to her as well, she might think he likes her. But really, he’s nice to everyone and I have a feeling he likes someone else from somewhere else. I really enjoy being around him because he’s loads of fun but if I feel like I’m in the “way” of someone than I feel as though I shouldn’t be around him anymore. Do I leave him alone… completely? a little? not at all?  It seems all the girls are stuck. Some don’t want to be his friend because then they might get feelings for him, some don’t like his personality, but most of them like him and want to hang out with him. And like me, most of the girls are feeling pretty lonely because of this. Our youth group has really changed. One of the older girls has talked to me about it and mentioned that we should maybe have a sharing group (with just us girls) and bring this all completely to the open because it hasn’t yet. Of course, he wouldn’t be there. Is this a good idea? Should one of the married ladies be with us? I’m really confused about all of this so ANY answer is appreciated. Whatever your thought is, PLEASE put it down… we really want our youth girls to be closer like it used to be. Thanks in advance! 🙂 🙂 God bless!


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