Posted February 24, 2014

Hi, ladies!

So you’ve all known me as swifttohear, but I am Paige Coleman and I’ve recently joined Facebook and twitter in order to get the word out about my book (“Delivering Women from the Snares of Death“).  The thing is, I’m such a “newbie” that I feel completely out of my league when it comes to actually using FB.  I’ve ploughed through, but I wonder if any of you have some helpful hints for me.  I also wonder if I could ask for your help… I need friends!!  If you’re on FB or twitter and you find me, please friend or follow me.  When I reach 100 friends and 100 followers, I have a free Ebook to give away on each site!


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  1. Shalom (Staff)

    Love your Book, by the way! Shalom

    # March 4, 2014

    • swifttohear - the author of this post.

      Bless you, Shalom! Thanks be to God 🙂

      # March 23, 2014