Posted February 17, 2016

Hi there,

I think that I have a problem. I am a rather quiet servant girl , and I have two friends that are Go-to-gals. The problem is that these girls are Christians but, they are loud mouthed gossipers. I am afraid that they are starting to change me. I have concluded that they are not the best choice of friends. But we do everything together we have classes together we all play the same instrument, go to the same church, and I am related to one of them, so, I don’t know how not to be friends with them. And they would both say that we are best friends. I love both of them they are a ton of fun, but they are hurting my relationship with the Lord. Please give me some advice!!


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  1. 1butterflykisses

    Well, if they are gossiping about others to you, there is a good chance they are gossiping about you. Also, if they are well known for being gossips, their reputation could be rubbing off onto you (Prov. 20:11). I agree with you that they are not the best choice of friends, and I am not quite sure what to tell you, but I would suggest to hang with them less. I know this can be very hard, but why don’t you try talking with other people in your church or other activities you are involved with. Pray for Christian friends that will be edifying to your walk in the Lord. Also, pray for these two girls to change. Lastly, I would suggest you talk with your parents about your concerns if you already haven’t.

    # April 11, 2016