Posted July 29, 2013

I am 15 years old and I have a guy friend that is 19.  We have gotten to know each other through different  groups and social events.  I was on Facebook and received a message from him saying hi.  it has been about 4 months since that first message and we have talked almost every single day .  He has a full time job so we usually chat in the evenings.  Now He comes over for dinner and movies .  Goes out places with our family .   He gives  me rides places and stands up for me and seems to always be on my side.  Even some of my friends have told me that when I’m not around he talks about me .  He is a great Christian guy and has the best , purest intentions .  My parents are also very active in our friendship .  i am very accountable to them and tell them everything that is being said.  We have both been raised to understand courtship and have both chosen that for ourselves .  he says he has no romantic intentions right now and strictly wants to be friends.  he has mentioned that he gets lonely and he struggles with self worth.  So i guess he enjoys my kind spirit and gentle, encouraging words.  just how some worldly guys use girls to fill a physical desire ,  I want to make sure he isn’t using me for a emotional desire.  He wants the companionship without the commitment.  I have to admit that I truly cherish our friendship and don’t want to make a hasty decision   .  I don’t want to mess with a perfectly good thing.  Im just tying to save me and him for a lot of miscommunication and hurt in the future .  What should I do ? How should I handle this ?


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