Posted January 9, 2013

Hi! My name is Laura and I’m fifteen years old. When I was little, I was often complimented on how cute or sweet I was, which in turn created a very me-focused attitude that I am now having to work on. I am just wondering if anyone has any ideas on things I could do or ways I could serve at my age to help others and keep my mind busy on other things rather than myself. I really want to become more like Jesus with a servant’s heart and not be focused on myself, but sometimes I’m not completely sure how. So if anyone has any ideas or has struggled with the same thing in their years, I would appreciate your response! Thanks so much,


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  1. faith

    Hey Laura!
    I think this is an area that we all struggle in. (I know i do :)Our natural tendency is to serve ourselves, do what’s comfortable for us, and put our wants and needs above others. I think it’s awesome that you’re humble enough to shareyour struggle with this and ask for advice!
    I am sixteen years old and have six siblings, do this is an area God had REALLY had to work on with me. In no way have I mastered it, but as I’ve asked the Lord to live through me and to work in my heart, He has definitely been answering my prayers and growing in me that desire to put others above myself.
    Anyway, I wanted to share with you a list that I came across in a book.

    Characteristics of a True Servant

    A true servant:
    – knows that all assignments are actually from God
    -will be quick to volunteer
    – considers her assignment importnt, no matter how small
    – is willing to RECEIVE orders
    – does not desire to be in control
    – will do what others do not or will not do
    – enjoys meeting needs
    – doesn’t need recognition
    – will voluntarily serve without pay
    – doesn’t seek higher status
    – will do more than is required
    – does not have her own selfish ambitions
    – will serve anyone and everyone
    – is willing to be treated like a servant
    – does not seek the big and important assignments
    – will serve with a joyful attitude and a cheerful face
    – will put her whole heart into each task
    – thinks of others before herself
    – desires that Jesus received the credit
    – desire that God receive the glory

    I have this posted on my bedroom wall so that I’ll see it every day and be reminded of what a true servant looks and acts like. Hope this help! And remember, as long as you keep putting Jesus first and seeking Him, He WILL work in you heart and make you more like Him with every day that passes!!


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    Thank-you so much, Faith!

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