Posted March 26, 2013

Hi guys, I have made a new friend at my college. She has been I a bad relationship in the past (I don’t know all the details) and she also says that she has done some bad things in the past (drinking, I don’t think sex but I’m not absolutely positive). She has turned to the Lord(pretty recently but idk when) and is really excited and seems to really love the Lord.  Anyway, I felt God’s voice telling me to give her PTBHM, which I did, and I told her about PTNHM for her boyfriend (they go to church together and she says that she really loves him). She is a beautiful, sweet girl (we both have the same goal for life: Get married to the right guy, and have babies and be a mommy!)   Do you guys have any suggestions/tips  that would help me help her grow in her relationship with the Lord? I feel like I need to do something to help her as a sister in Christ.

Thank you guys!


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  1. 4christonly

    One suggestion is that you could send a verse to her each day. This is something I do with a few of the people I know. Either by text or email. It’s great because it encourages you to keep up with daily Bible reading and a simple verse can really encourage somebody and keep that person going strong in the Lord.
    Just something I thought I’d pass along. Not sure if it’s what you had in mind. 🙂

    # April 1, 2013