Posted October 24, 2013

Hello Ladies!  I have a question to ask of you all and would greatly appreciate your input, advice, and experience.

I apologize in advance, I’ve been running around with these thoughts in my head for so long they might just spill out extremely vague and slightly confusing, but I’ll do my best to iron it all out 🙂


About a month ago I met a young man and got to talking with him a little bit, we ended up exchanging numbers and have been talking on the phone ever since. A week and a half ago he came to visit so we could get to know each other a little bit better in person.

Since then I’ve begun to feel as though this relationship isn’t going to go any further than friendship. I can’t exactly explain why I feel this way, it is a lot of little things that I can’t figure out if they are important, or it’s just something that I had not considered before.

He, on the other hand, I think is pretty serious already, and my parents think that he has already made up his mind.

There are a couple concerns on my end (as well as my parents’), but nothing incredibly major.  He’s a really nice guy and we get along well . . . but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately and have come to the conclusion that, yes, he is a very nice guy, but that shouldn’t be the only thing to keep the relationship together, should it? There are a lot of nice men out there, but it doesn’t mean that you should automatically settle on the first nice guy that gives you attention.

My main question is this:  How do/did you know when to allow a relationship to continue, giving it more time to sort out your feelings and see where it is heading?  And once the decision is made, if it is to end the relationship . . . how do you keep from giving in to the worry that you maybe made the wrong decision, reached for something else and completely missed out on something good?

I want to give this enough time to know for sure if it is a good thing or not, but if at this time I don’t feel like it is going anywhere, is there even a point to continue? Risking hurting someone else just because I’m wavering in the middle of indecision?


Thank you for reading all of that, and I hope it made sense. Also, thank you for any replies, I get so caught up in my own head sometimes that I need to just step back and get a fresh view on the matter.


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