Posted May 28, 2013

Hey this is for all of the married ladies here.  I thought it would be fun to share our stories of how God brought us to our husbands.  I’ll start with mine.

I was 17 when I received an e-mail from a nice young man asking me to design a website for him.  I had advertised my services on my profile on a homeschool website I was a part of.  I said, “sure” and sent him my contract to read over and sign.  So I started designing his website, and would talk to him over the phone about this and that that involved his decisions.  Those calls were once a week.  Long-story-short in a couple of months we had become really good friends.  I suggested he call my brother, seeing as they had a lot of common interests, and they began talking on the phone a lot too.  After a while, my brother asked him to come visit over the weekend of my graduation.  When I saw him for the first time in the airport, I knew that I was going to marry him. 😉 But on that visit nothing happened.  He went back home, and I waited for a whole month, still “just friends.”  Finally, one day we were chatting about a book I had sent him to read, and he told me the words that made me dizzy for a little bit.  He actually said, “I really like you”!  I of course said that I liked him a lot too. But then he said, “we need to wait until the time is right.” Though confused, I told him “okay” and resigned myself to more waiting. He was scheduled to come visit us again in a couple months – I was really excited about that.  A while after he arrived for the second visit, he asked me if I would like to start courting (of course I said yes!), and he asked my dad for his blessing.  My dad happily gave it.  Six weeks later my mom and I flew (over 2000 miles) to visit him and meet his family.  On that visit we got engaged.  Seven weeks later we got married in a small country church. (Yes, it was a whirlwind!) ♥ We’re still living the happily forever after!


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  1. amelia - the author of this post.

    I also wanted to mention that the things that really brought my heart close to his was his strong Godly character and how he has always stood for the truth no matter what – even if it hurts.

    Does anyone else want to share their story?

    # August 31, 2013

  2. happykoalakatie

    I’m really surprised no one has replied to this! What fun to share stories!

    So, I met my husband of a little over 4 months around my tenth birthday, when my family moved and joined a new church about a half hour away. His family (large like mine) lived a half hour away in the opposite direction. We met in the middle! (Actually, we joke that we’ve never been formally introduced, but we get along pretty well in spite of the fact!) Jacob and I were both pretty shy at that time. I think it was three years before he said a word to me.
    I had crushes on everyone else under the sun during those three years and close to another 2 years after that. I thought he was handsome, but he was too quiet (he’s a Steady… I mistook it for grumpy.) Little did I know, he had noticed me the first Sunday night my family visited, thought I looked like a nice girl, and tried to remember the date he first saw me. (He forgot, unfortunately, when he talked himself out of it, because, he reasoned there’s no such thing as love at first sight.)
    I was close to 15 when we actually started talking (but barely!!!) and I started very much liking Jacob! I started taking note of every little thing I found out about him, and remembering every little thing he said. We had a lot in common and I really hoped he noticed. (To you unmarried gals; Opposites do NOT always attract. We are both Steady/Visionary types.) I found out that Jacob liked what he called “cowboy music” (mainly, the Sons of the San Joaquin, but other groups too.) I only knew of the Sons of the Pioneers back then, but the next time I saw one of their recordings at a yard sale, I grabbed it! I felt special listening to it because I knew there was a possibility he knew all those songs.
    Well, through the blessing of having brothers who hated my choice of music and complained about it to the church youth group, Jacob (then 20) found out that I liked cowboy music. He asked if I would like to borrow some of his to torture my brothers with. (YAY!!!) Of course I would. This began a series of conversations (though still brief and impersonal) with him as he loaned me a couple of CDs at a time and I returned them. I didn’t know it, but he was just as sad as I was when I’d gone through them all.
    Pause in the love story. For about 6 months God was convicting me that I needed to stop thinking about Jacob so much and concentrate on what HIS will might be instead. So I did. I focused on my schooling more (this was my senior year) and looking for a job so I could go to college. I decided it was a waste of time to daydream about marrying someone whom I didn’t even know liked me. So I very much tried not to…
    I had just about reached success in that area when one Sunday Jacob excitedly told me that the Sons of the San Joaquin (the BEST guys out there) were having a concert at a Western gathering in a town just a couple hours away. (My immediate thought- he’s going to ask me on a date!!!!) Wrong. Unfortunately, his family was traveling to another state that weekend to visit relatives. I figured, well, why is he even telling me, then. Then I realized maybe I could go anyway… So I convinced my dad that “Ellensburg would be beautiful this time of year, all that mud” (it was February) and he agreed to take me. So I got to meet the Sons of the San Joaquin… and picked up some CDs for Jacob (I had offered and he paid me) and obviously had to go out of my way to get them all autographed. Boy did I have something to share with him the next Sunday.
    A few months later I graduated from high school, and six days later started a full-time job in the business office of a medical center. (A lady at church just happened to be the manager.) I was just getting used to a complete culture shock (going from homeschooling, not much interaction with strangers) to working in an office with 80 strangers) and starting to enjoy it when Jacob turned everything upside down by asking my dad for permission to court me. Somehow I managed to be very humble at first and think that I would have to say no because I wasn’t good enough for him. I spent half the day at my office desk crying. Then I had a good talk with an elderly lady from church, and she expressed such joy for us that I began to think maybe it wasn’t so impossible after all. But I still hadn’t made up my mind completely. However, when he finally asked me, I forgot any little speech I had previously composed and said “I guess so.”
    The next Wednesday I changed my mind and asked him for a month to consider it.
    A month later we had our first date. And two weeks after that… and two weeks after that… and the rest is history  Wonderful, romantic, mostly happy history! We were married after a little less than two years of courtship. There was a bit of a cowboy theme in our wedding.
    Thank God for cowboy music!
    Sorry that was SO long… but I enjoy telling people and it’s easier to remember the details when it’s on paper than when talking to people. Hope some others share their story!

    # November 2, 2013