Posted April 18, 2013

I’m attending a very liberal college, but there are two Christian clubs on campus (CRU and a small, local group), and I’m in the middle of starting a pro-life club.  The president of the local club is a passionate, Christian young man, and he loves witnessing to nonbelievers.  However, he has difficulty explaining his points to the unsaved people he talks with.  I am extremely familiar with the topics and I often feel like taking over his conversations; but that would just be rude and a bad testimony.  Sometimes, though, when he has difficulty describing a specific Bible verse, I read it for both his and his companion’s benefit.

Last quarter, he mentioned that he wanted to have music this quarter, and I volunteered to play my violin.  We’ve been texting mostly about music, but also a little about my club and church.

I want to help him learn how to witness more effectively, but at the same time, I don’t want to come off as being spiritually superior or romantically interested.  How do I just give him a few pointers without acting “smarter/better” than him?


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  1. Shalom (Staff)

    Great question! It sounds like you need wisdom. (James 1:5) I suggest asking for it, because God always gives it when we do!
    Ray Comfort, from Way of the Master Television has some great youtubes on how to share the gospel by speaking directly to the person’s conscience. You could share the links to some of these with him and still not come off as being better than he is. Here is a link to that page:
    Ray Comfort is calvinist, so we don’t agree with all of his doctrine, but the way he lays out the gospel is good and biblical. So hope this helps! 🙂

    # February 11, 2014