Posted August 3, 2012

My friend has been dating a guy for over a year. They’ve been planning on getting married for some time, and he planned to propose to her on her birthday – which is very soon. However, she met another guy from abroad recently. She’s known him only 10 days, but claims to be really in love with him and says he returns the affection in such a matter, that even though he left home, he wants to call her all the time and even pay for her visit he planned for her. She’s really confused and worried about everything, and put her real relationship on pause. It seems like a pointless fling, which is obvious to me, but i don’t want to be giving any wrong advice either. Could anyone help me?
much appreciated


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  1. Beth

    I’m not sure of the right or wrong in this situation but if she is seeing two men at once is she doing something wrong? When I met my hubby I didn’t know he was “dating” another girl. I pushed and shuved my way into his life because I knew he was the one for me. He made me aware that he was in the process of breaking up with someone. The day he broke up with her he was in a good mood and came straight and told me. He did not break up with her because of me. She was not a very nice girl and he hadn’t actualy dated her in a while. My point is even though he was already breaking up with her he would not let me into his life before it was official and he had the respect to make me aware of the situation. He would have considered it cheating to do otherwise.
    I’m not trying to be harsh but if two men are in her life, odds are that one of them may consider her cheating. She had better make sure the second is aware of the first and tell him no. Then if she still has doubts about the first she should make him aware of them whithout hesitation. Things have already gone too far best to fix them now before it getts worse.

    # August 7, 2012