Posted September 10, 2012

This question has been on mind a bit since my parents decided it was okay for me to start dating. I am not in a rush, but I want to be prepared for when the time comes when I decide I have met someone God would want me to date. So the question is how do I say no to someone that asked me out but whom I do not like romantically? Someone I just can’t see myself with. They may be a great guy but I am just not interested. I do not want to say well you know right now I don’t like you but maybe later because that would lead them on… I am a friendly person but I do not lead anyone. I want to be able to say no without being rude…I do not just want to date for fun but rather as the journey to marriage.


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  1. proverbs31grl

    I think you should just be honest with him and let him know thst you are in a time in your life right now where you just want to focous and wait upon God and just focous on growng more as a godly woman before you begin dating any one. and also this is something someone has told me before but they told me dont settle for less really make sure that this man is truly a man of God because you want someone who could also spiritually lead you and your family.

    # December 9, 2012

  2. liera

    Proverbs31grl, you have some great points, but I think they would be more clear if you used punctuation. I am proud of your obvious love for God though, you go girl! P.S. I don’t always use the proper punctuation, I am sure, just trying to help your awesome thoughts be presented a little more clearer.

    Liz, Just say “I am flattered, but no thank you, but we will always be friendly because we are siblings in Christ, right?” Here, abruptly change the conversation and pretend nothing has happened and say something along the lines of “So, see you Sunday in church?” or “How are your folks?” Make a very quick change to small talk, and then let it be. You shouldn’t make a habit of having best friends that are guys if one day you plan to be married. So, if he is a casual friend that asks you out, no biggy in rejecting him, and moving on.

    # December 19, 2012